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The experiences of the ceramic art and the glass-working etc. There are a lot of classrooms of ceramic art and glass-workings in a town of the crockery, Seto. When coming to Seto, please try to experience by all means. Why don't you experience



丸窯染付教室 Marugama Sometsuke Kyousitsu
It is possible to experience china-painting by choosing one's favorite clay such as the various earthenware and the manekineko.
岩右衛門窯 Iwaemon Gama
Feel free to contact them even coming to them at the first time. They are kind enough to give you a lesson of pottery-making.
陶芸教室創陶 Tougei Kyousitsu Soutou
It gives a man-on-man guidance and it is possible to choose a glaze of seven kinds.
カズタミアート染付春悦 Kazutami-Art・Sometuke Syunetsu
The first-grade technician of the dying traditional craft helps you make a pottery.
まちなか工房 Machinaka Koubou
Without the reservation, casually, delightfully, it is possible to experience the ceramic art such as the potter's wheel etc.
招き猫ミュージアム Manekineko Museum
It makes an original manekineko with the cat pot and the cat bowl which the cat lovers are glad about.
陶芸工房 陶酔 Tougei Kobo Tosui
It is possible to make the two works within the budget (including clay, burning expenses).
一里塚本業窯 Ichirizukahongyou Gama
One can experience pottery-making while appreciating an atmosphere at an atelier in Meiji era.
五山楽窯房 Gozan Rakuyouboul
One can make one's work into high quality one.
瀬戸本業窯 Seto Hongyogama
One uses the clay and the natural glaze, just the same as the photograph.
瀬戸市新世紀工芸館 Seto City Shinseiki Kohgeikan
The trainee at this place guides you.
ノベルティ・こども創造館 Novelty・kodomo souzoukan
It is possible to enjoy the one-day eaperience with the craftsman and the young artists.
あとりえ とう花(陶華) After Touka
One makes only one accessory with sterling clay in the world.
商店街ギャラリー かわらばん家 kawarabanya
Even the novice can challenge glassware-making casually.
ギャラリー窯ぐれ Kamagure.
It is the speciality store of the glassware. It is possible to experience and order by custom-made, too, !
アート遊アート Art yuu Art
It is possible to produce clays which are paper clay and kiln clay in America.
東風山野坊(自然造形工房) TOFU SANYABOU
It is possible not only to make "lichen ball" but also to to answer the attractiveness and the question of the lichen, too.
瀬戸あかり工房 Seto akarikoubou
One can experience plate-painting, made-of pottery light, and Japanese-style light(It is possible to take back on the day when one comes).
galleryもゆ Gallery Moyu
Why don't you experience china-painting at the leisurely old house?
彩り工房 優 Irodorikoubou Yuu
It is possible to make only one full original earthenware in the world..
One burns the work in a kiln which one paints on the product of the brown unglazed ware.


みのる陶苑 Minoru Touen
The artists guides one directly with the clay and the glaze of their own using.
麦仙 鈴木十四紀 Bakusen Suzuki toshiki
One can make one's work slowly and carefully until one completes it.
きく窯 田畑博民 Kikugama Tabata Hirotami
They guides one by the work appreciation and the man-to-man.
棚橋淳 陶房 Tanahashi jun toubou
They guides one politely by using the clay and glzae of their own using.
ギャラリー背戸窯 Gallery Setogama
They assemble the glaze from the traditional to the colorful.
The ceramic art experience (3,500 yen) includes the clay and burning charge.
稲山陶苑 Inayama Touen
The tradition craftsman of Akazu ware guides one in pottery-making by man-to-man.
みろく陶房陶芸教室 Miroku Toubou Tougeikyousitsu
It is free of charge even if one comes many times as far as they provide the clay. The glaze for the completion is free, too.
Have a one-day full-scale experience at the traditional kiln.
飽津窯 宮地生成工房 Akutugama miyati ikunari koubou
Isn't it healed at a traditional atelier of the clay wall and the earth floor?
春草 中島満久 Syunsou Nakashima Mitsuhisa
The tradition craftsman of Akazu ware guides one.
三峰園窯 Sanpouen Gama
They burn with overglaze Oribe and Kiseto etc.
白山 Hakusan
One have an experience which one cannot see in other places and it is easily made.
さなげ窯 Sanage kiln
Akazu at the foot of Mt. Sanage. It is a nature-rich quiet town. Visit on the way from taking a walk.


繁陶窯 Hantou Gama
commpany tour, company explanation meeting, the showroom tour, china-painting guide
曽根窯 江風陶苑 Sone Gama Koufuu Touen
It is possible to paint on a variety of goods except the plates, too.
品野陶磁器センター 陶芸教室 Shinano toujiki center tougeikyoushitsu
It is possible to play throughout the day delightfully. The group customers can make it at discount..
ギャラリー・工房 燄(えん) Gallery・koubou En
They support kindly. One can use the artists' original materials.
オンリーワン Only one
Why don't you make abpottery and forget time at an atelier built 100 years ago?
五春窯 Goshungama
The first-grade potter's wheel craftsman guides one.
作栄製陶所 Sakue pottery
The tradition craftsman provides delightful time.
グラススタジオ バルト Glass studio Balt
Have an experience of glass art at Barth atelier of the Shinano Porcelain Center !
ガラススタジオデルタスⅡ Glass studio deltas II
It proposes the new manufacturing which mixed ceramic art and the technology of glass.


窯元 渓泉 Keisen
It offers for reference of the works at the gallery which used Oribe ware and one can make a pottery.
ギャラリー・ミキ Gallery Miki
One can challenge for making the ornament of the birds, and the animals etc.
丸二ノベルティ工房 Maruni Novelty koubou
One can shop by a semi-order-made goods and make ones at the same time.
あーる工房 R koubou.
There is some food and receptacles. At Any classroom one can enjoy a taste of them.


ものみ窯 大津範生 Monomigama Otsu norio
They guides one, taking time from the clay-kneading to making-pottery.
愛知県陶磁資料館 陶芸館 The Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum The ceramic art building
Anytime, anyone can experience in the comfortable space.
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