In Seto which has a long tradition as a town of crockery,
one has the pleasure to create goods, and the pleasure to express with the living of the people.
It is at the street corner gallery that you can touch the art which such Setonians(Seto people) make.

As for the registration of "the street corner gallery", please make an inquiry at the following.
Reference: Setoshi Marruto Museum・the Association of tourism  TEL:0561-85-2730 MAIL


ノベルティ・こども創造館 Novelty Kodomo Souzoukan
They put the facilities for experiencing rich play with imagination which uses the earth side by side with a museum which gathered the novelty.
新世紀工芸館 Shinseiki Kougeikan
A place for training the ceramic artists and the glass writers. An artwork display building is available.
マルチメディア伝承工芸館-瀬戸染付研修所- Multimedia Densyou Kougeikan
The learning at the facilities with the Seto dyeing, turnery, the china-painting and observing-old kiln, is available.
鐘忠ギャラリー Kanechu Gallery
They exhibit and sell the works of the pottery store storefront gallery and the young artists' works.
山惣陶器 たくみ工房 Yamasou Earthenware Takumi Atelier
They assort goods such as office tableware and daily tabeware.
せともんや Setomonya
A store with a wide range of Seto Ware products and run by the wholesale association.
扇窯 ギャラリーミキ Ougigama The Gallery Miki
They exhibit various Seto Ware and provide chances of making earthenware and porcelain.
愛知製陶所 芸術家横丁 Aichi Pottery, Artists' Side Street
They provide antique, western-style remade porcelain mostly, and various events.
愛知ポーセリンミュージアム Aichi Porcelain Museum
A museum of Western-style antique porcelain.
もやい処 うさぎの部屋 Moyai-Dokoro Rabbits' Room
They sell local artists' earthenware and Japanese-style sundries with rabbits pattern. A café is open.
丸窯製陶所(丸窯染付教室) Marugama Pottery (Marugama Dyeing Classroom)
They provide a variety of wonderful dyeing and colorful welcoming cats.
ぎゃらりーえんごろ Gallery Engoro
They provide plenty of tableware and sundries themed "earthenware & harmony".
手しごとや「阿ん」 Teshigoto-ya An
They provide a collection of Seto artists' earthernware and glass works.
無風庵 Mufuuan
A gallery, the thatched main building of Tatsukichi Fujii relation and a rest area.
かわらばん家 Kawaraban-ya
A gallery which remodeled a building in 1901, a café, & a glasswware experience.
あーと 青仁(せいにん) Art Seinin
The work of the living national treasure can be felt for the hand.
窯ぐれ・とんぼ堂 Kamagure・Tombodou
The glassware work specialty , accessories with a remarkable personality and so on.
器生活 スズカ Life of  Tableware Suzuka
Seasonal wares such as the handmade earthenware and the office tableware are displayed.
カズタミアート・染付春悦 Kazutami Art Sometsuke Shunetsu
They display the lamp which was made with chinaware and dyed good works.
岩右衛門窯 丸岩製陶所 Iwaemon Gama Maruiwa Pottery
You can have a trial of making a tea ceremony utensils, a vase & garden products, Toutai-dyeing, and pottery-making.
GALLERY湯之根68番地 Gallery Yunone 68 Banchi
Under the warm illumination, they prepare the tableware which fits a foodstuff in the season.
くらしの器 大浩 Tableware for the living Oohiro
They provide tools for kilin baking, "Engoro" mostly & young artists' works.
山兼長江陶器 Yamakane Nagae Earthenware
They provide a large-sized vase, a big plate, a guardian dog, & the works which fit a season.
ヤマタ水野陶器 Yamata Mizuno Earthenware
They provide plenty of chinaware such as daily dishes and office tableware.
ギャラリーLONG Gallery Long
Only the show window with the ornaments of the earthenware is a gallery.
>末広織部タウン Suehiro Oribe Town
A street gallery which used an arcade support.
春広堂書店 Shunkoudou Bookstore
A bookstore which sells books on a basics of pottery, glaze, and kiln-making.
おもだか屋 Omodaka-ya
A gallery store which rebuilt a store of Taisho era.  
招き猫ミュージアム Manekineko Museum
A museum where they have the Japan's biggest collection of full-fledged welcoming cats.
光月堂 Kougetsu-dou
This is colored with the chinaware in Kingtehchen and the craftworks in the world.
王子窯 Ouji Gama
They are the potters who continue to make vases, tea ceremony utensils, folk crafts, & tableware.
あとりえ 陶華 Atelier Touka
They provide accessories which are designed elegantly, neither discolored nor altered in quality.
窯垣の小径ギャラリー Kamagakino Komichi Gallery
This is a gallery which was built in Edo era and utilized a room of an old pottery.
窯垣の小径資料館 Kamagakino Komichi Shiryoukan
An elegant archive which remodeled in a way they revived a pottery of ""hongyou kiln"" in last half year of Meiji era.
GALLERY松山 Gallery Shouzan
They assort ceramic art works mostly which were baked in kilns of a gallery.
ギャラリー和楽 Gallery Waraku
They provide tableware for daily use, porcelain dolls for interior parts, and gifts.
合資会社 山新山内商店 Yamashin Yamauchi & Company Ltd.
They provide tableware for daily use, porcelain dolls for interior parts and gifts.
ヤマタ水野陶器 Ai Kiln
They provide potters' works which are referred to as having "God's hands" in Akazu Ware.
ギャラリー楓 Gallery foo
They provide original works guaranteed by high-quality craft of Seto.
瀬戸蔵セラミックプラザ Setogura Ceramic Plaza
An antenna shop run by potters' union. They exhibit original artists' and potters' works and sell them.
ギャラリー陣屋 Gallery Jinya
They provide old earthenware, Western antiques, and various novelties.
ギャラリー太陽 Gallery Taiyo
A store in which they arrange traditional works and innovative and enjoyable works.
ギャラリー&カフェ 蔵遊前 Gallery & Café Kura Yuzen
They lend a lunch cafe on 1st floor and a gallery on 2nd floor to you.
ギャラリー くれい Gallery Clay
A gallery managed by writers. They think it important to communicate with the guests.
クラフト 悠季 Craft Yuuki
Custom-made special works are available. (welcoming cats and owls, etc ornaments)
古民家 久米邸 Old House Mr Kume's Residence
They manage a gallery and a café and also sell Japanese papers and earthenware.
ノベルティギャラリー ピアフ Novelty Gallery Piafu
They provide novelties for export toward overseas that were manufactured from 1940s to 1960s in Seto.
工房 じぐろ Atelier Jiguro
Why don't you experience pottery-making at an old private house built 120 years ago?


陶酔 Tousui
They provide an exhibition which remodeled an old building of Seto and hold pottery-making classes.
祖東中学校 Sotou Junior High School
The ceramic walls of the front was made by 15 graduates, potters, and writers in Showa 40s.
赤津焼会館 Akazuyaki Kaikan
They display a collection of nation traditional craftworks, Akazu Ware and sell them.
鈴木義宣陶房 Suzuki Yoshinobu's Atelier
They prepare the wares to use daily and which were displayed in the exhibition.
菊陶園 Kikutouen
Some kinds of tableware such as Kohiki, Yakishime, Ofuke, Mishima, etx are exhibited.
赤津焼 拝戸窯 稲山陶苑 Akazuyaki Haidogama Inayama Touen
This is a sale room managed by potters who produce Akazu Ware. A trial of potteries-making is available.(prior booking essentials).   
宇助窯 加藤綱助陶房 Usuke Kiln Kato Tsunasuke's Atelier
They provide tableware for simple Japanese meal and decorative objects, etc.You can observe some ateliers.
六兵衛陶苑 Rokubee Touen
They exhibit Oribe handmade works mostly in Akazu Ware.
満留喜製陶所(みろく陶房) Maruki Pottery (Miroku Pottery)
You can experience pottery-making without appointment as far as an enrollment of participants is about 20.
晴峰窯陶房 Seihou Gama Atelier
Please experience the whole procedures of "a workshop" in an atelier of Akazu Ware.
陶玉軒 加藤錦也 Tougyoku House Kato Kinya
They provide plenty of various kinds, especially tableware and vases.
ギャラリー・カフェ てしごと屋 Gallery Café Teshigotoya
This is filled with the wares and small products pleasing to the eyes and for using.
長曽元窯 三陶 Chousomoto Gama Santou
This is a gallery being next to potteries and ateliers.
赤津陶苑 Akazu Touen
They mainly provide Japanese traditional craftwork, "Akazu Ware".
ギャラリーCazulin(カズラン) Shouzan Gama The Gallery Cazulin(Kazuran)
You can choose favorite goods, touching Akazu tableware and ornaments.
西山窯 Seizan Gama
They exhibit Japanese tableware and vases exhibited comfortably and also prepare a cafe.
利山窯 Rizan Gama
You can observe the procedures of pottery-making. They sell Akazu tableware and tea cups.
さなげ窯 Sanage Gama
Their theme is everyday clothes.
ギャラリー背戸窯 Gallery Seto Gama
They display the charming earthenware which nicely matches indoors which was unified in the pure-white.
陶源堂 Tougendou
The writers' works of the Akatzu Ware & Seto Ware and the homemade earthenware stand in line.
景陶 赤津陶芸 Keitou Akazutougei
三峰園窯 加藤達伸 Sanbouen Gama Kato Tatsunobu
They produce and sell Akazu Ware, Kizeto and Oribe mostly.
(有)錦山 八木製陶 Kinzan & Company Ltd. Yagi Pottery
They provide palm-sized Japanese tableware and handmade small goods.
白峰園製陶所 〔ar〕Shu Hakuhouen Pottery
You can observe production and decoration of hand-painted tableware mostly.
東窯 春草 中島満久 Higashi Gama Nakashima Mitsuhisa
They assort glazed goods(Nanayuu) of Akazu Ware.
>丸幸中島 Marukou Nakashima
They exhibit widely the gifts and daily needs.
秀峰窯 丸金中島製陶所 Shuhou Gama Marukin Nakashima Pottery
Tableware for relaxing a household and heartwarming makes an atelier pristine.
ギャラリー美山(美山陶芸教室) Gallery Bizan (Bizan Ceramic Art Classroom)
They adopt the reservation system. This is a neat gallery.
契窯 森脇文直 Chigiri Gama Moriwaki Fumitada
Original tableware and vases are exhibited.
田畑博民・高博陶房 Chrysanthemum Gama Tabata Hitotami &Takahiro's Atelier
They exhibit the exhibits of various exhibitions, tea utensils, vases, and tableware.
春日窯 麦仙 鈴木十四紀 Haruhi Gama Bakusen Suzuki Toshiki
They provide traditionally glazed Akazu tableware, handmade vases, and new works.
飛鳥窯 中島卓 Asuka Gama Nakashima Suguru
A pottery producer who uses a particular clay, and generates warthenware which calms down our heart with the clay of each place.
赤津焼 源水窯 Akazu Ware Gensui Gama
They use the traditional glaze of Akazu Ware and manufacture tea things and a vase including the Japanese tableware and so on.
電光陶苑 Denkou Touen
It is possible to observe the creation of art ornaments which have adjusted to the seasons with all kinds and an atelier.
飽津窯 宮地生成 工房ギャラリー Akutsu Gama Miyachi Ikunari Atelier & The Gallery
This is a gallery which calms down in the heart where the warmness of the trees and the earth can be felt.
尾美陶房 Omi Atelier
In the environment which was surrounded by the green, a cute " owl " is waiting for you.
唐三郎窯 Touzaburou Gama
This is an order kiln of Owari Tokugawa of Seto, the 31th generation at the present time, and of a Setoshi intangible cultural asset holder.
喜多窯 霞仙 Kita-gama Kasen
A pottery producer of Akatzu Ware which continues for the 12 charges from the Edo period. A trial is available( English support's being possible).


竹堂園 Chikudouen
They mostly make the simple and modern tableware.
(有)エムティアート MT Art & Company Ltd.
While seeing the scenery in which they are making ceramic dolls.
雅窯 水野工房 Miyabi Kiln Mizuno Atelier
While seeing the scenery in which they are making ceramic dolls,
don't you talk delightfully?
夢工房 柴田 隆製陶所 Yume Atelier Shibata Takashi Pottery
The tableware with the animal patterns of the rabbits and cats etc. welcomes you.
品野陶磁器センター Shinano Porcelain Center
They provide all baking porcelain of Seto and also a ceramic art classroom on the 1st.
仲良し陶房 Nakayoshi Atelier
The vases, the ceramic lights, and the clay dolls are exhibited clearly.
更紗窯(有)丸長長江製陶所 Sarasa Gama Maruchou Nagae Pottery
The works which view a youthful spirit as important by using color scheme earth ( irotsuchi) ( from the chopstick rests to welcoming cats)
初平窯 Hatsuhei Gama
They expose works which bring about a relief and easiness, such as Japanese tableware, a vase, an ornament and so on.
はちのす陶房 Hachinosu Atelier
The craftwork of chinaware as the living craft is mainly provided.
丸藤製陶所 Marufuji Pottery
They make the tableware of "" the good design "" which suits various foods.
大沢陶器(資) Oosawa Earthenware & Company Ltd.
Don't you make a table delightful with the tableware of cute Snoopy?
文陽窯 Bunyou Gama
They draw a wide range of pictures in the china with dazzling whiteness and
make them into various forms.
嶋田窯 Shimada Gama
The works of a master who is good at the tea ceremony utencils with rarity of the kilns( golden-colored, the indigo color scheme and the silver color scheme ) stand in line.
ギャラリーおおさわ Gallery Oosawa
The store which the wholesale dealer of the chinaware runs
Even a single item can be purchased.
factory 水義製陶所 MS Factory Mizuyoshi Pottery
They provide "the outstanding role of the table easy-to-use, pleasing to see" from the farm products to the earthenware.
ビューティー工芸 シノダ Beauty Atelier Shinoda
The happy dolls, the liquor container sets, the coffee cup plates, the small vases and so on.
陶翠窯 Tousui Gama
The tableware( the Japanese tableware, plant pots, vases and tea thuribles and so on ) that bring a balance of the business and the beauty is decorated.
秋山製陶所 Akiyama Pottery
The tableware in which they thought easy-to-wash, & easy-to-store after use.
すずき絵付 Suzuki Dyeing
It is an atelier where they put Akae to the delightful tableware for using at home.
株式会社 丸み梶田陶器 Marumi Kajita Earthenware & Company Ltd.
They assort the tableware of the whole Shinano Ware and so on.
波多野上絵付 Hatano Overglaze Painting
This is an atelier for overglaze painting over the earthen tableware.
山田工芸 Yamada Atelier
It is possible to be content in the attractiveness of the colorful picture, the Akae ceramics which the hand china-painting changes.
生宝窯 生宝陶苑 Seihou Gama Seihon Touen
The exhibition hall where the works of the Nitten Corporation writer, Kato Katsutoshi can be seen.
芝陶苑 Shiba Touen
The theme "The tableware which warms up in the heart in the simple".
岩月竹光陶房 Iwatsuki Takemitsu Atelier
The collaboration of the time chest, an old clock, and the tableware of the Kiseto Ware is delightful.
>徳寿製陶所 Tokujyu Pottery
The theme "The tableware which warms up in the heart in the simple".
 秋 ̄|長江商店 Kaneaki Nagae Store
The chinaware and ornaments from all over Japan are assorted in one place.
ギャラリー・工房 燄(えん) Gallery Atelier En
The tableware, the liquor containers, the vases, the art objects and so on remain standing comfortably on the natural shelf of one sheet of boards.
オプアート・サイトウ Obu Art Saitou
The glasses and the plates which were trimmed with an artistic edging by the sand glass stand in line.
宝山窯 宝山製陶所 Honzan Gama Houzan Pottery
At a gallery which used natural materials a lot, they display overglazed works of painting and dyeing.
金峰窯 丸金製陶所 Kinpou Gama Marukin Pottery
Please see the Japanese tableware and the vases which have pursued " the business and the beauty " at a gallery which resuscitated trees.
株式会社セラミックジャパン Ceramic Japan & Company Ltd
They display the earthenware of the modern design which is permanently preserved at The Museum of New York Modern Art.
手造り陶芸 曽風窯 Handmade Ceramic Art Sofuu Gama
They display ceramic dolls and the vases which have one by one homemade texture.
作栄製陶所 Sakuei Pottery
The dyeing which is drawn by the hand which depends on the tradition craftsman with the Seto dyeing and the Akae ceramics mostly.
号 信人 Gou Nobuto
They display the dolls and the animals etc. of the earthenware which an author of the guarding dogs at Miyamae bridge made.
工房TAKA宮前 Atelier Taka Miyamae
The creative earthenware which is homemade to the full at the about 14-mat-room is displayed.
春宝窯 Shunbou Gama
Seeking a receptacle to see and to enjoy, a really easy-to-use receptacle.
ガラススタジオ デルタスⅡ Glass Studio Deltas II
A gallery with which doubles as a glass classroom.
It displays art objects, Japanese tableware and lampshade and so on.
五春窯 Goshun Gama
A pottery producer who makes a homemade receptacle (the Japanese tableware, vase and interior sundry attachment and so on ) with tradition and craftsman's skill.
小春花窯 Koshunka Gama
To have utilized " earth and the skill " which was inherited from first and Katomi Saburo and the kimono stand in line.
晋泉窯 Shinsen Gama
They make the receptacles which you stretch your hand, want to touch and to attempt to use.
勝山窯 Shouzan Gama
They display and sell the receptacles with the dyeing such as the tea things, the ceramic board.
角平製陶所 Kakuhei Pottery
A wide range of processes in which Shinano Ware is completed can be seen.
丸久製陶所 夢工房 Marukyuu Pottery Dream Atelier
They make mostly the small animals, the blooms, and slightly cute receptacles.
城山窯 丸三水久製陶所 Jyouzan Kiln Marusanmiizukyu Pottery
(The plate, the bowl and the cup and so on ) as the meal becomes delightful, the crockery stands in line.
 (有)伊里製陶・里楽窯 Iri Pottery ・ Riraku Gama & Company Ltd.
There is handmade Japanese tableware which added an idea to mostly the tableware, too.


曽根窯・江風陶苑 Sone Gama Koufuu Touen
They display the ornament, the doll, the pot and the tableware to enact the happy circle of the family and so on.
椿窯 Camellia Gama
A stylish gallery where the tableware and the vase with the Seto dyeing and the attachment of the Javanese chintz, the Ata sound each other.
繁陶窯 Hantou Gama
A variety of the tableware, the ornament and the interior products with the receptacle dyeing that you will think pleased if you see, use and offer.
渥巳窯 Atsumi Gama
A place with history where there was Mibayashi magistrate's office which rules an Owari clan master, a Tokugawa Yoshinao official pavilion, and a mountain.
水峰窯 山米製陶所 Suihou Gama Yamayone Pottery
It displays a one with the Seto dying which drew beauties of nature in the indigo-blue shade.
美夜之窯 Miyano Gama
The ceramic art experience and the events of striking buckwheat noodles such as the pizza burning, too.
安右衛門窯 松本鐵山陶房 Yasuemon Gama Matsumoto Tetsuzan Atelier
There are a bariety of the ceramic art works and antique items with the retro atmosphere in the exhibition hall.
手づくり香房 むらさき野 Handmade Atelier Murasakino
The small bowls of the pretty crafwork and the Yamano glass which they have made with old cloth and silk crepe and so on.
有保窯 タモツ製陶 Yuuhou Gama Tamotsu Pottery
A gallery where the appearance of baking with dyeing can be seen in "live "performance.
陶工房 Tou Atelier
There arethe ornaments of ceramic sculpture which is realistic and unique with the inside of store in the log house.
牧場みずの坂 WEST HILL Pasturage Mizunozaka WEST HILL
The place of the rest where they can touch some small animals at the pasture.
南山中学校 Minamiyama Junior High School
A junior high school whose playground has an tumulus.
ギャラリー空 Gallery Kuu
A gallery which was surrounded by the nature at a national park,Joko temple.
陶房 樋ヶ沢 康窯 Atelier Oigazawa Yasu Kiln
t accedes to the dying food broiled with soy sauce with homemade and hand-drawn dependence which is adopted from the Edo period.
滝カフェきらら(器楽々) Taki Café Kirara
There are Meiji and Taishou earthenware, lacquer ware, sundries, a snack and so on, in the gallery.


丸二ノベルティ工房 Maruni Novelty Atelier
An atelier where you can buy things semi-order-made from more than 100 kinds of design.
マガラ陶房 Magara Atelier
There are the welcoming cats, the owls, the art objects, the vases, and so on.
夢陶房 Yume Toubou
The lamp which made a Okuhida house with a steep thatched rafter roof undecorated with the earthenware etc.
伊藤優・八王子窯工房 Itou Yuu ・Hachiouji Gama & Atelier
There are the tea utencils, the dolls, the earthenware and a wide range of receptacles and so on.
ギャラリー紫影 Gallery Shiei
They place the Japanese paintings which drew animals and plants in an old house.
満寿窯 Manjyu Gama
Including the lucky charm of the daruma doll and the Seven Gods of Good Luck and so on, it is a Korean dog guarding the precincts and a sexagenary cycle and so on.
ギャラリー豆の木 Gallery Tree of Beans
This is a showshop where they usually sell patchworks and the tolepaintings and so on.
MOTO-glass Moto Glass
The glass craftsworks which fused the technology of the part de veil and Seto novelty.
クラフト工房 虹(平八園製陶所) Craft Atelier Rrainbow (Heihachien Potery)
This place is filled with the ornaments full of the youthful spirit, the novelty, and the piggy banks.
美乃寿し ギャラリー Minozushi Gallery
There are some pots and Oribe's plate in the show window as it is a sushi restaurant.
アルテ イ カフェ Arute I Café
They display the works which have both business and the beauty which has not lost freshness even if they use it daily(handmade earthenware vases and tableware).
ギャラリー華 Gallery Flowers
The living curio and the Seto dolls, the monthly books of " the discovery of new things by studying the past " in the theme and so on, too.
らくだう Rakudau
With the coffee when you have time to spare.
サイクルショップ KEY Cycle Shop KEY
They display the ceramic art works and the aquarelle of the hobby at the corner of the bicycle shop.
柴田家の庭 「龍陶芸座」 Shibata's Garden "Ryu Ceramic Art Company"
They decorate flowers in the season using the terra-cotta and the receptacles which was made unnecessary.
萩殿窯 Hagidono Gama
This is a kiln store which is in the entrance on Kaishono Forest.
ぬくもりの器 わっつ Warm Tableware Wattsu
The wholesale house which directly manages the original receptacles and the ceramic dolls which has warmness.
竹と藤の自転車(サイクルショップタケウチ) Bicycle of Bamboo & Wisteria(Cycle Shop Takeuchi) )
Takeuchi-san's store which has the bicycles made from the bamboo which was manufactured in Asia.
A・Aギャラリー A・A Gallery
They decorate the plane art of the aquarelle, the oil painting, the print and so on.
ウィンドギャラリー いしまる Windo Gallery Ishimaru
They display the earthenware of their own making with the works and the hobby of the ceramic art writers.
窯元 渓泉 Pottery Producer Keisen
They are making so-called "what I would wish if any." from women' viewpoint.
親生お茶屋 Shinjyou Tea Store
The clothes, the attachment, and the antique furniture etc which utilized the patterns which is peculiar to the old cloth.
”たぬき工房”寺田商店 "Raccoon Dog Atelier" Terada Store
The homemade ocarina, the strap and the tea cup and so on.
古時計ミニギャラリー・TIROLHAUS Old Clock Mini-Gallery TIROLHAUS
They sell and sell mostly the antique clocks in Meiji, Taishou and Shouwa.
木工房 玄翁屋 Moku Atelier Gennou Store(WOOD CRAFTS GENNOU-YA)
upholstery to the custom-made items, using the technique that the geometric design is characteristic.
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