Toshiro Memorial Festival

A gathering and festival in memory of the ancient potter, Toshiro.
Bargain sales of pottery and porcelain at many studios about town.
Sites: City-wide.
Date: The 3rd Saturday & Sunday of April

Summer in Seto, 2011 (Seto-natsu)

A summer campaign takes place during the summer vacation.
We have a full program of events, such as enjoying the cool breeze off the lake in Iwayado and many enjoyable activities for children.
Sites: City-wide
Date: Mid-July to the end of August

The Setomono Festival

The Setomono Festival is the biggest annual event with over a half-million people visiting the city over the weekend. Come for the bargain sales of pottery and porcelain along the Seto River.
Sites: The city center
Date: The 2nd Saturday & Sunday of September
来る福 招き猫まつりの様子

Traditional Good-luck-welcoming Cats (Maneki neko) in Seto

The city is filled with ceramic Good-luck-welcoming Cats during this period.
Visit an exhibition of new and old Maneki neko, and find your own special welcoming cat for purchase.
Site: The shopping arcade and the area along the Seto River
Date: Saturday & Sunday in late September

Seto Pottery Studio Fair and Market

Creators of various genres of local ceramics set up stalls at the entrance to Fukagawa Shrine. Learn about Seto’s history and culture of craftsmanship.
A food plaza in the Seto Warehouse offers various local dishes.
Site: The approach of Fukagawa Shrine and the square outside Seto
Warehouse Date: The 2th Saturday & Sunday of October
せと・まるっとミュージアム大回遊 ゆるり秋の窯めぐり

A Round Trip to viewing the whole Seto as the Museum

Traveling around kilns leisurely in fall.
A trip to the countryside of Akazu ware・A trip to Mizuno kilns・A trip to Shinano ateliers.
The events for welcoming you are hosted every each area.
Venue: The whole area within the city
Date: November 2th of the weekend(Saturday & Sunday)

Festival of Ceramic Lights

Ceramic, glass, and Japanese-style lights made by local artists and members of the public are displayed on the sidewalks of the shopping center and light up the pottery city.
Site: The area around Seto Station
Date: Mid to late December

The Seto City Hina Dolls Tour

Come and see many creative Hina dolls in all shapes and sizes on display and for sale.
Site: The area around the Seto Warehouse
Date: Early February to early March
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Ai Park Memorial

To commemorate the opening of Ai Park in Seto City, which served as the site of the Aichi Expo in 2005. This memorial event celebrates for future generations the principles of “citizens’ participation”, “cultural exchange” and “the wisdom of nature”. Includes a wide variety of citizen-led events, such as onstage shows and workshops.
Site: Aichi Expo Memorial Park (Ai Park)
Date: Late March
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