Toshiro Memorial Festival

A gathering and festival in memory of the ancient potter, Toshiro.
Bargain sales of pottery and porcelain at many studios about town.
Sites: City-wide.
Date: The 3rd Saturday & Sunday of April

The Setomono Festival

The Setomono Festival is the biggest annual event with over a half-million people visiting the city over the weekend. Come for the bargain sales of pottery and porcelain along the Seto River.
Sites: The city center
Date: The 2nd Saturday & Sunday of September
来る福 招き猫まつりの様子

Traditional Good-luck-welcoming Cats (Maneki neko) in Seto

The city is filled with ceramic Good-luck-welcoming Cats during this period.
Visit an exhibition of new and old Maneki neko, and find your own special welcoming cat for purchase.
Site: The shopping arcade and the area along the Seto River
Date: Saturday & Sunday in late September
せと・まるっとミュージアム大回遊 ゆるり秋の窯めぐり

A Round Trip to viewing the whole Seto as the Museum

Traveling around kilns leisurely in fall.
A trip to the countryside of Akazu ware・A trip to Mizuno kilns・A trip to Shinano ateliers.
The events for welcoming you are hosted every each area.
Venue: The whole area within the city
Date: November 2th of the weekend(Saturday & Sunday)

The Seto City Hina Dolls Tour

Come and see many creative Hina dolls in all shapes and sizes on display and for sale.
Site: The area around the Seto Warehouse
Date: Early February to early March
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