Seto as Pottery-Producing Center Seto City, Aichi Prefecture
Seto City is a center of pottery production. One of the Japanese words for pottery, “setomono”, is derived from the town’s name and means “Seto [made] thing”.
Today, the town remains home to many pottery studios creating new and innovative works, and continuing ceramic traditions begun in the 14th century.
As the “Seto Marutto Museum”, the city of Seto itself is presented as a living museum with various galleries and exhibits spread about the town.
The Seto River, leading to the heart of the city, is lined with pottery specialty stores.

The long history and culture of pottery is visible along the streets and walkways of the pottery district where old kiln tools and ceramic pieces were long ago added decoratively to the walls and building perimeters.

In all four seasons, enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings in the Iwayado park or at Jokoji Temple.

We look forward to welcoming you to Seto. Come and experience the history and modern originality of Seto-ware, and enjoy visiting our many pottery studios where you can view, buy and even try your hand at your own Seto pottery! Seto’s deep charm and heart of hospitality will make for a truly memorable visit.

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